Thursday, February 21, 2013


Having a weight loss related blog is a really good way to remain accountable.  If I don't exercise and don't eat right, I will have nothing to post on my blog and since writing leaves me with a great sense of catharsis I am even more invested than ever in working out and eating healthy meals if for no other reason than to generate content for my blog. Plus, there is the audience factor.  If I have not been to the gym in a while anyone who reads this blog will know I am slacking.  Who wants that?

I was feeling crazy ridiculous lazy when I got home from class today so I dawdled for a really long time before finally dragging myself off the couch.  It helped that there was only an hour and a half left on the audiobook I have been listening to (reading?) and I really wanted to finish it tonight.  I got on the elliptical and set off at a challenging but sustainable pace.  An hour and five minutes later I had finished a 4.97 mile workout and burned a respectable (and hopefully accurate) 769 calories.  Now for dinner, tv, and professional responsibility reading.  Oh the joys of being a law student.

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