Saturday, February 23, 2013


I won't bury the lead here. This morning was my weekly weigh-in and I lost 2.4 pounds! Technically it was 2.6 because there was a .2 pound gain a couple of weeks ago that I could not bear to record, but the point is that for the first time in a month I saw progress on the scale and it was glorious.  Now that my scale and me are on speaking terms again I can stop saying mean things about her behind her back and being all scale who? whenever someone asks me how my weight loss journey is going.  It's good to be back on track!

There was a time in my life when a time for celebration was a euphemism for "a time to gorge myself until I felt like Violet must have felt on Willy Wonka after she chewed that gum she wasn't supposed to chew and turned into a bloated blueberry."  But times have changed, y'all. I have changed and this morning after a quick breakfast of an english muffin spread with chocolate PB2 and some scrambled egg whites, I went for a run to celebrate my small victory.  

I know my time is slower than my last few runs, but I was actually really happy with it because I ran a new route today and it was super hilly, like at least one whole mile was up a fairly steep hill kind of hilly and I was still running sub 14 miles.  If you had told me last Thanksgiving that I would be running up hills by my birthday I would have called you crazy and given you some major side-eye.  Now going for 5k runs is just another Saturday morning and it feels really, really good!

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