Sunday, February 24, 2013

Interval Fail

I had big plans to run 4 miles for the first time today.  I was going to do it in intervals where I run 1 mile then take a brief walk break, run another mile, take another break, and so on until I had run 4 miles.  My legs felt tired, which was a nuisance that I could have pushed through, but 2 miles and 2 walk breaks in and my stomach started cramping like whoa.  I know that lots of runners have stomach issues and most of the time I would have just pushed through the discomfort, but today I just could not convince myself to keep running so I made my way home after only running two miles.  Epic interval fail.

I felt really guilty about not at least running 3 miles.  I genuinely believe that I lost weight last week because I started making all of my runs 3 miles. So after I got home and took a snack/rest break I went down to the gym and pounded out one more mile on the treadmill.  I hate running on the treadmill with a passion, and for some reason i can't seem to make myself run as far on the treadmill as I would outside, but I sucked it up and made myself run a mile and not one step more.

I felt much better after finishing that mile so I rewarded myself with an afternoon of Breaking Bad and general laziness.  It felt good.  I needed a break really bad.  

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