Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This Morning

This morning I woke up, did my evidence reading, and finished just in time to make the following happen:

I try to go for 1-2 midweek runs and I used to keep them at 2.5 miles or below because I was so slow that I was afraid shooting for 3 miles would make me late for class.  Well, after I saw my time on Sunday I decided to push for 5k on a weekday and I did it!  

My splits were less than stellar and my overall time was slower than this weekend, but I was more worried about the distance than the time today.  I took a route with more hills than usual and my legs felt super tired the whole way.  Considering that, I am happy with that time.  The faster I get the easier it will be to work longer and longer runs into my schedule midweek.  Anyway, I got home from my run just in time to shower, change, and walk to class.  It was close, but I was in my seat before class started. #Winning

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