Sunday, March 24, 2013

3.12 Miles Done

Today the training plan called for 3 miles and the weather report called for rain.  Not a good combo.  I looked outside as soon as it got light out and while the ground looked wet, it wasn't raining at that moment so I got into my running clothes and headed out, hoping for an hour long window for my run.  I wasn't alone.  It was early, but the diehard exercisers were out there with me.  

I was convinced that the sky was going to open up and pour at any minute so I ran as hard as I could.  I was really happy with my time.  At an average pace of 12:48/mile I was running faster than the last time I ran that route and I finished in 39:59.  Been a while since I've seen a sub 40 5k!  I'm focused on increasing my distance right now, but I want to start adding speed work into my routine at some point.  I want to be one of those people who can comfortably run 10 minute miles.  I can't even imagine going that fast right now, but a few months ago I couldn't imagine running at all.  Sometimes miracles happen.

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