Tuesday, March 5, 2013

And I'm Back

I have not really mentioned this before, but I have Crohn's Disease. Even when I am feeling fairly well, I still have to get regular checkups and undergo periodic procedures to make sure my body is still functioning as well as it can with an autoimmune condition.  I had one of those checkups scheduled for yesterday which meant that all day Sunday I had to go on a clear liquid diet.  Good times.  I knew the lack of food would make me pretty weak later in the day on Sunday and I certainly didn't want to work up an appetite so I limited myself to a 1 mile run at a tempo (for me) pace on Sunday morning.

On Monday I had to be up bright and early for my procedure.  I was tired and crazy hungry, but at the end of the day it was really good news: according to my gastroenterologist my Crohn's Disease is currently in remission. Pause for a happy dance. Okay go. As soon as the anesthesia wore off and I was allowed to go home my mom and cousins (who came to take me home after I woke up) took me straight to Subway where I ordered a footlong turkey sandwich on Italian and two cookies. I was in no way ashamed about it.  Raw vegetables make my stomach hurt so I only got mustard on my sandwich.  I ate every bite of it. Don't judge me until you have gone over 24 hours with nothing but clear liquid!

Even with all the extra rest days my Fitbit stats weren't too bad.  Between February 26 and March 3 I walked/ran 26.15 miles and climbed 89 floors.  I was happy with that!

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