Saturday, March 16, 2013

Better than I was before

The weather in Nashville was gorgeous (sunny and low 70's) so I headed out for a run. I have never run in 70 degree weather before and was convinced I would be boiling hot even in short sleeves, but there was a pretty strong breeze blowing for most of the run and it kept me cooler and less sweaty than I would otherwise have been.  

I ultimately decided that I wanted to take a new route where I would run out 3.1 miles and then walk back to make sure I got in my 10,000 daily steps.  The route ended up being much hillier than I remembered and I wanted to stop every time I saw the road ahead of me start to slope upward, but I made myself finish the full 3.1 miles so I could say I ran another 5k this week.  I was pretty happy with my time considering the hills, plus the extra effort meant I burned more calories than I normally would running this distance.

I also made a decision to share my weight on the blog today.  It's a little bit scary to put it all out there like this, but realistically, I only know of a handful of people who read my blog and they're all relatives who (hopefully) won't judge.  Without further ado, here is what happened at today's weigh-in:

I was down 2.8 pounds from last week!  My starting weight back in September was 184.6 which means that I have lost a grand total of 30 pounds since I decided to get healthy.  This also means that I have officially lost the weight I gained during my first year of law school and am back to my pre law school weight.  I still have a long way to go to get to a healthy weight for someone my height, but I am incredibly proud of the progress I have made.  

When I started losing weight my Body Mass Index was in the obese range for the second time in my life.  In middle school I weighed 216.4 pounds and I swore after I lost most of the weight in high school that I would never be that big again.  When I stepped on the scale last semester and saw how close I had come to going back where I came from I decided that I had to make some changes.  So that's what I did.

I have always wanted to be the kind of person who got better with age.  Right now I feel like I'm well on my way.  I am making a promise to myself right now (and since I am making it Internet official I have to stick to it).  I am going to stay on this healthy path for the rest of my life and I am going to wake up every day and strive to be better than I was before.  I am worth the sacrifices it will take to have a healthy life.  I am going to remember that from now on and the next time I find myself going down that wrong road to weight gain I am going to turn myself around before I lose my way and my weight gets out of control again.

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