Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lesson Learned

If the last two days of my dieting and exercise life were a television show, it would be called Ashley on the Struggle Bus.  I'm going to choose to blame it on Aunt Flow. TMI? Too bad. That's just how I roll.  I was visiting family earlier this week and, as usual, it was really hard to stay on plan when I did not have complete control of my environment and the food that was in it. I would never bring copious amounts of cookies and other sweets into my home because I know that I have trouble having just one of anything sweet.  Unfortunately my relatives are not really on the buy one treat at a time wavelength and there were, among other things, chocolate peanut butter no bake cookies in the house. I definitely fell off the wagon where those were concerned. Weight loss lesson learned: reaching my health and fitness goals my mean staying out of poor environments for the time being.  It would not be a good idea for an alcoholic to frequent bars.  It is an equally bad idea for someone who overeats to frequent places that are full of trigger foods.  

Despite my poor food decisions, I did my best to stay on track in terms of exercise.  

And today I made better decisions with regard to what I ate. I even made my first ever batch of quinoa. I made it in a rice cooker.  It wasn't half bad. I ate it with Honey Teriyaki Beef stir fry.

I think I might use the leftover quinoa to make a sweet breakfast dish in the morning.  I think the natural flavor of the quinoa might work well enough with peanut butter.  If it's gross I can always have pancakes...

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