Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Run That Almost Didn't Happen

The training plan called for a 3.5 mile run (my longest run ever), but it almost didn't happen today.  It rained for the better part of the day, I was sore from yesterday's long hike, and honestly I just didn't want to run.  The rain didn't let up until late in the afternoon, but when it finally did I dragged myself out the door and set off at a slow pace that I knew for certain I could maintain for the full distance.  Even though I took a hilly route I never felt like I had to stop.  It helped that I was deeply engrossed in an audiobook that I have only been listening to while I workout.  I wanted to find out what happened next and I knew that I had to keep running so that I didn't have to pause it until my next workout.  Overall it wound up being a good run.  The rain held off until after I finished my run and once I got back to my apartment I felt great and was glad I did it.    

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