Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Struggle Bus

Y'all, it has been Tuesday on the struggle bus around here.  Apparently I spoke too soon about the kettlebell workout I did yesterday not being challenging enough because my legs felt sore when I started my run today.  Between that and getting an epic stomach ache mid-run I only made it 2 miles despite my plan to run 3.  Given, I walked at least a mile to get to the track I ran on today, but that is just me making excuses.  I think what I will do is switch days on the training plan. Thursday was supposed to be a 2 mile run plus strength so I will just run 2.5-3 miles on Thursday along with a little 30 Day Shred action after I run.  Boom.  One problem solved.   

The next problem today has been food.  Normally I eat really filling meals that keep me satisfied for hours, but this morning I was craving that 99% fat free Chef Boyardee so I ate that instead of the oatmeal I had planned to eat.  I was hungry again immediately, but I didn't want to use up too many calories so early in the day.  I ate lunch earlier than planned and got hungry again a few hours later.  Basically I have spent the day wanting to eat all the food everywhere immediately. It has been problematic at best.  Why isn't there a side-effect free pill that makes your brain think you just ate a turkey burger and a whopping piece of strawberry cake? Annnyywaaayyyy...

Tomorrow the training plan calls for half an hour of cross training.  That's cool.  I've been spending so much time exploring local parks that I haven't spent any quality time with my favorite elliptical at the gym.  Yay for training plans! Hopefully in a couple of months I will be writing a post about the time I ran 10k and lived to tell about it! 

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