Thursday, April 11, 2013

Doctor's Orders

I haven't been feeling well this week so I went to the doctor.  The issue is related to my Crohn's Disease and it has pretty much stopped my workouts for the last five days.  The news from the doctor was both bad and good.  I came home with a foul-tasting antibiotic that will, hopefully, take care of the problem but in the meantime I have been ordered not to do any strenuous exercise. Apparently my antibiotic has been known to cause tendonitis, typically in the elbows, but possibly in the knees.  Not something I want going on if I want to finish the 10k training plan anytime ever.

When I got home from the doctor I took my medicine as instructed.  It's a liquid and the dose is a little weird so the doctor gave me this crazy looking oral syringe thing to measure out the correct dose and squirt the medicine down my throat.  It was way more complicated than it sounds, but I only have to take it once a day for seven days so surely I can manage that.  I knew I couldn't run or get on the elliptical so I decided to try a few minutes of yoga since I figured it was a workout I could do without getting sweaty.

I made it through about 10 minutes before the antibiotic started making my stomach feel icky (the doctor warned me that may happen so I'm annoyed about it, but not worried.)  In any case I abandoned my first yoga attempt sometime after the instructor told me I needed to de-stress and self-bless for the third time.  I'll give it another shot later this week.  I have to take the antibiotic for seven days and I can't run or use the elliptical until I finish the medicine.  As a result, I have a whole week to fill with light workouts.  I'm foreseeing some strength training and walking in my future.  And more yoga.  If at first you don't succeed and all that jazz.  

Edit:  I recently started reading a blog called KTJ Weighing In and she is hosting a Non-Scale Victories linkup over at her blog.  It occurred to me right after I posted this that I should totally participate since trying a new type of workout is totally a non-scale victory.  


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