Monday, May 27, 2013

A Fitbit Personal Record

Today I had nothing better to do than walk like a fiend.  My efforts resulted in a Fitbit PR to be proud of: 35,295 steps walked in one day.  That, my friends, is 14.59 miles.  I was stoked, but it almost didn't happen.
I got up this morning intending to check out a new (to me) greenway and explore it while I listened to a few chapters of the third book in The Iron Druid Chronicles (it's way better than it sounds!)  I wound up not really liking the greenway at all.  It had a bunch of litter, it wasn't green enough to count as a greenway, and on top of that it seemed too isolated for me to want to walk it alone even though there were signs announcing that the area was under police surveillance.  I wound up turning back and wandering around a safer part of town to make up for not walking the greenway. Note to self: check yelp reviews before heading to a park/greenway you have never been to.

I got in a good walk, but I was bored after dinner so I decided to go for another walk.  I headed toward one of my favorite parks only to find it swarming with people.  They were having a free concert and apparently the entire city decided to attend.  Don't get me wrong, I love that these kinds of free events are available, but I was there to burn some calories and did not like having to weave in and out of all the slow-strolling park goers ambling along the path.  On top of that there were a bunch of unsupervised hell spawn children on scooters getting in everyone's way.  I stayed until I couldn't take it anymore then headed home.  That was supposed to be the end of my walk, but when I looked at my Fitbit stats I realized that I was tantalizingly close to a daily step PR on Fitbit.  I dragged myself down to the gym and made myself walk on the treadmill until I reached 35,000 steps.  It felt good and I can't wait until I'm able to run that far in a day!

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