Monday, May 20, 2013

Computer Trouble

Today was my rest day, but I still wanted to get in at least 10,000 steps so I went for a walk after breakfast.  The temperature was supposed to reach the high 80's today and the sun was already unpleasantly hot by the time I got out the door.  It made for a sweaty stroll in the park, but I got it done and was happy with my Fitbit stats for the day.

I usually eat lunch at around 11 and by the time I got home it was already 10:30.  I had been having problems with the track pad on my Macbook Pro so I made an afternoon appointment at the genius bar and ate lunch while I watched this Irish cop show called Jack Taylor on Netflix.  I studied abroad in Cork, so the accents made for a pleasant flashback.  Plus the show was actually decent which was nice because I don't have cable and I've kind of been scraping the bottom of the Netflix barrel lately.  The other day I actually added a movie called Ghost Cat to my queue. Things are getting kind of dire up in here.  

My genius bar appointment was horrifying and helpful all at the same time.  For the last day or more when I tried to use the track pad on my laptop the pointer would jump around like one of those jumping beans and click/highlight/move toward things unbidden as though possessed.  Of course, when I got the stupid thing into the Apple store and tried to show the genius bar guy what it had been doing it behaved like a champ and passed all the diagnostic tests, but the guy said he believed me and mentioned something about sending my baby somewhere to have a whole bunch of hardware replaced.  See what I mean? Horrifying.  Then he said there may be something under the track pad keeping it from working properly so he took it to the back of the store and I had to wait for about half an hour while he did magic cleaned under the track pad. See? Helpful.  I amused myself by giving the Apple geniuses nicknames based on their style choices.  Example: the guy who was helping me was Mull-hawk Genius because he had a Mohawk with mullet ambition.  

When Mull-hawk Genius came back he said there was debris under my track pad, but he had cleaned it really well and I should come back tomorrow if it starts acting up again.  I still have about a month left on the warranty so hopefully if it is going to start acting crazy again it will do it before then.  I know three is really old for a laptop, but I just want it to keep working until I graduate and finish taking the bar...

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