Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Evening Miles

I went home for Mother's Day and didn't get back until last night.  I love seeing my family, but visiting home makes it hard for me to stay on track with my weight loss and exercise goals.  My uncle was grilling dinner for everyone and on Saturday before I came home my grandmother said he could grill some veggie burgers for me.  I told her what kind I liked (Boca All American Grillers) so she could pick them up at the store and I went about my day assuming that I would have something diet-friendly on Sunday for dinner.  Fast forward to Sunday.  My uncle shows up with the food he grilled and while there were veggie burgers, they definitely weren't the All American Grillers.  They were the kind with chunks of vegetables which are much harder on my stomach than the kind I wanted. I have Crohn's Disease and there are a lot of vegetables I'm not supposed to eat because they can make me really sick.    

I was really disappointed and the food-related issues didn't stop there.  I told my grandma about the Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt and she wanted me to make it for dessert on Mother's Day.  She was supposed to buy the ingredients, but when I got home she had purchased regular yogurt instead of Greek yogurt.  Greek yogurt has a completely different consistency than regular yogurt. It is really thick whereas regular yogurt is runny.  The taste of plain nonfat yogurt is similar to plain nonfat Greek yogurt, but once again, there is a noticeable difference.  Plus, the nutritional information for Greek yogurt is different than regular yogurt. Important for me is that too much lactose makes my stomach hurt and there is less of it in Greek yogurt than regular yogurt.  

She kept insisting that I should make the recipe anyway, but it turned out horrible.  With Greek yogurt the recipe looks remarkably like cookie dough because it's thick the same way regular cookie dough would be.  It just didn't work with regular yogurt.  It tasted okay, I guess, but texture is important to me and this was runny and looked awful.  On top of that my grandma kept telling people it was my dessert and offering it to people so that everyone had a chance to blame the epic dessert fail on me.  Awesome.  

By the time I got up this morning, did my grocery shopping and finished a few things I needed to get done, the temperature was already in the 80's.  Normally I like to run in the morning before it gets hot, but today I ran two miles after dinner.  It was hot, but I felt better after my run and I was really glad I made myself go.

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