Friday, May 17, 2013

Non-scale Victories: Wearing My "Skinny" Clothes

I know that I've lost weight, but I didn't know until I visited family this weekend and had a chance to try on some clothes that I packed up after I gained weight last year.  I was able to wear most of them when I started law school, but by the end of my first year they were several sizes too small. Even though I held onto them in hopes that I would be able to wear them again one day, a little piece of me worried that I would never lose the weight.

My mom is thinking about having a yard sale soon and she wanted me to go through some of the clothes that I have left at home.  When I found my "skinny" clothes in the pile of old clothes I tried them on on a whim--and they fit!  The picture on the left is me in September 2012 after I gained the weight and even my formerly loose-fitting clothing had gotten a bit snug.  The picture on the right is from earlier this week wearing a skirt that I had given up on fitting into.  It was a great feeling and provided all the motivation I need to keep me moving forward on my healthy journey.  Maybe if I keep it up my "skinny" clothes will be too big for me a year from now!


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