Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Three Down, One to Go

It's almost over.  In the last nine days I have survived three exams:  Evidence, Securities Regulation, and Constitutional Law II.  I have one more exam to take in the morning and my second year of law school will be done. Assuming I pass everything, I will officially be a rising 3L.  It absolutely has not sank in yet that I am 1 more exam, 1 more summer, and 1 more school year away from being done with law school.  By this time tomorrow I will have completed 6 years of higher education--4 years of college and 2 of law school.  Yikes, y'all! Am I well-educated yet?

Anyway, despite having spent the better part of the last week drowning in stress and textbooks, I am happy to report that in the world according to Fitbit, I haven't done too badly exercise-wise.  I still got dangerously close to hitting 10,000 steps everyday this week, so there's that.

I made the decision at the beginning of exam period not to focus on losing weight while I was so stressed out, but to just try and eat a healthy diet and stay within my calorie budget based on my Fitbit data.  I've done a pretty good job this week, so I'm hoping that the scale will be good to me on Saturday.  

Based on this data I should actually lose a little weight if I stay on track for the rest of the week, but I'm not getting my hopes up.  I just don't want to gain weight this week and if I can meet that goal I will be content.

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