Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday 5

This morning I got up, ate some fruit and a Larabar, and set out to run my longest run to date--5 miles.    I think I've mentioned it before, but the fitness center in the building I'm staying in for the summer has the cardio machines set to go into cool down mode after 20 minutes so I basically had to hop off the treadmill multiple times and restart it.  It was tough, both mentally and physically. Part of the problem is that I've been too lazy to go outside and try calibrating my new foot pod again.  The last time I tried it was about to rain and I think it affected the GPS signal on the watch.  

The sky pretty much looked like the picture above that day, which is honestly kind of standard for afternoons (or mornings, or evenings) in Orlando from what I've seen.  Anyway, since I haven't calibrated the foot pod, the treadmill always says I'm running at least 1 minute per mile faster than my Garmin does.  Since the pace is so far off, I'm always convinced as I'm running that I've gone farther than my Garmin thinks I have.  I know that I'm running faster than my Garmin thinks I am too.  It's disheartening and I really need to figure out the calibrating issue soon.

My mom asked me why I haven't been posting as much lately.  The honest answer is that I've been lazy and I figured no one wants to hear that I walked to and from work then fell asleep watching Masterchef.  That actually happened one day last week.  I was ashamed.  I have been on the hunt for new things to eat, though.  

I got an idea for tofu taco "meat" from Run Eat Repeat a while back and made it last week.  I know you can't see it under all the toppings, but basically you drain and press a block of tofu, crumble it up in the skillet so it looks like ground beef, and add taco seasoning.  You keep stirring until it's all coated with taco seasoning and some of the water has cooked out of the tofu.  I topped my taco "meat" with salsa and fat free shredded cheese, and served it with blue corn tortilla chips.  I would have added a dollop of plain nonfat Greek yogurt, but I discovered that I had used the last container for cookie dough Greek yogurt.  

When I went to the grocery store, I wound up buying a bunch of watermelon, Oikos, veggie burgers, meat for stir frying, and these skillet sauces by Campbell's that I imagine I will live to regret.  I tried the Thai Green Curry over some brown rice and steak and it was absolutely delicious.  But we'll see what the scale says about it....

Thursday, June 27, 2013

How Is It Already Thursday?

This is my second 3 mile run of the week and it was a tough one.  I decided I wanted to do week 1 day 1 of Couch to 5k for speed. The first week of the program calls for a 5 minute warm up followed by 20 minutes of 1 minute running and 1 minute 30 seconds of recovery.  When you're using the program to start running, that recovery interval would be spent walking, but I wanted to use the intervals a little differently.  I walked for 5 minutes to warm up then ran the first 4 running intervals with the treadmill set at 6 (10:00 minutes per mile) and did each recovery interval at 4.2 (14:17 minutes per mile).  After the first 4 running intervals my legs felt super tired so I gave myself permission to do the faster intervals at any pace faster than 12 minutes per mile.  After I finished the twenty minutes of intervals I just finished out my 3 miles at my recovery pace of 14:17 minutes per mile.  I owe the energy for this run to all the healthy stuff I ate for lunch.

You would think I was going vegetarian from all the tofu I've been eating lately, but really, the tofu is just cheaper than chicken and easier to cook.  I'm practical like that. In other news, my blog was featured on Black Weight Loss Success and the Black Women Losing Weight facebook page today. If you're a new reader from that, welcome! If you've been coming around for a while, welcome back! I'm excited to have all of you here :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Coffee Date

  • Today is a rest day on the training schedule I'm following for the half marathon so you get another coffee date.
  • Always the contrarian, I'm having tea on our coffee date. It's Chocolate Orange from David's Tea.
  • I would call it a tea date, but it just doesn't have the same ring to it.  
  • I bought this Nexxus Frizz Defy Styling Cream at Target this weekend fully expecting it to do nothing for my hopeless hair.  I was wrong.  I walked to work in the monstrous morning humidity and my hair was not an insufferable hot mess by the time I got there. I was actually able to wear it down today. Touche Nexxus.  Touche.
  • I am capital O Obsessed with this Meghan Tonjes cover of Hoodie Allen's "No Interruption."  She has some great covers.  I also really like the cover of "Sweater Weather" she did with Michael Castro.
  • You know what else I'm obsessed with?  Getting to see this documentary called Dark Girls that Oprah had on her network yesterday.  It seems from the preview that the filmaker has fearlessly gone into the long grass that is internalized racism and tried to foster some sort of meaningful discourse. I hope the conversation will bring peace and healing.  
  • Talking about the documentary made me think about this Langston Hughes poem called Harlem Sweeties.  Everybody else needs to get on his level with the whole skin tone acceptance thing.
  • I liked my lunch today.  I scraped the yolk out of those boiled eggs.  I've been replacing the yolk with Tuscan herb hummus like I did in the second picture, but I didn't have time to pack any so I ate the egg whites with salt and called it a day.

  • I was also a fan of tonight's dinner.  I ate frozen grilled chicken breast and brown rice with a (large) dollop of hummus on top.  Simple, but delicious.
  • I had a chance to talk to a friend from college over the weekend.  It was good to hear from her. I need to do better with staying in touch with people.
  • So, this was fun.  We should do it again sometime!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Walk, A Weigh-in, and A Bit of Morning Wandering

I have been really terrible at posting scale photos lately, and I don't know why since my weigh-ins have been going pretty well lately. Here's what I weighed this morning when I stepped on the scale:

I lost 1.6 pounds since I weighed in last week.  I've been doing things a little differently lately.  I still track my food in MyFitnessPal, but I don't worry too much about the calories.  Or like, at all. Instead, I try to stick with Clean Eating approved foods like fresh fruit, lean protein, healthy fats, whole grains, and occasional dairy (I'm mildly lactose intolerant, but tolerate certain cheeses and Greek yogurt fairly well.)  I've found that I can eat around 2,000 calories worth of clean eating approved foods per day, exercise four or more days per week, and lose weight.  I'm happy with that.

Apparently it is normal in Florida for it to rain every evening.  Foolishness like this is usually going on when I leave work.

The rain boots I bought have been getting in some serious workouts. So far, I haven't really gotten to explore Orlando as much as I want to, but I did go for a walk this morning before it got too hot.  I decided to check out Cady Way Trail.  I was glad to get outside for a walk, but I wasn't very impressed with the trail.  It's mostly just a wide, paved sidewalk that winds through a tree lined Orlando neighborhood.

If all you want is a paved place to bike, run, or walk, Cady Way Trail would be fine.  I was hoping for something a little more scenic, though.  At this point I haven't been overly impressed with any of the parks I've visited in Florida.  I'm sure I will find the perfect trail/greenway/park the week before I head back to Nashville.  That's just the way my life works.

I made pan seared tofu for lunch.  I thinly sliced half a block of tofu and cooked it in a skillet sprayed with coconut oil cooking spray until it was golden brown.  I ate it with barbecue sauce.  So good!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Impulse Purchases

I had a frustrating day at work and by the time I got home, the last thing I wanted to do was run.  I decided to go outside and try to calibrate my foot pod, but the stupid thing refused to cooperate. Since the sky was imminent dementor attack dark, I made my way back home and decided that I was going to run on the treadmill until my Garmin said I had done a mile and then call it a day. I'm not sure how far I ran while I was outside trying to calibrate my Garmin, and honestly I don't care. I ran on a day when I didn't want to run and that is good enough for me.

After my run I had to go to the grocery store.  I was out of pretty much everything important (read Peanut Butter Cookie Larabars, egg whites, and fat free cheese).  It had started to rain by the time I got off the treadmill so I got to break in my new rain boots.  I wore running tights to the grocery store--as pants.  Nobody judge me. It was that kind of day.  When I got to the grocery store I was reminded why you aren't supposed to shop when you're hungry.  

Because impulse purchases make their way into your cart.  Among other things, I bought a beef stew and some Annie's cheddar bunnies.  It could have been worse.  The cheddar bunnies are made with organic wheat flour and real cheese and the soup was only 300 calories for the whole thing.  I ate it for dinner tonight . It wasn't bad, but I probably won't buy it again.  I haven't tried the Cheddar Bunnies yet.  Hopefully I won't eat the whole box in one sitting and end up regretting my purchase horribly when I step on the scale this week.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What A Day

My day didn't really start off that well.  I woke up earlier than I meant to, ate breakfast, and planned to head down to the gym since I had some extra time.  Then I went back to sleep instead.  I had cramps and I was exhausted.  My body needed rest more than it needed a morning run.  It's fine.  By the time I woke up for the second time, I had about an hour to get ready.  Except I didn't make anything for my lunch last night like I normally would so I was forced to spend the first thirty minutes of that hour throwing lunch together.  I made a chickpea patty and a tzatziki inspired spread with Greek yogurt, feta, parsley, and dill to go with it.  It was super yummy, but I managed to get to work without packing the grapes I intended to eat with it.  Oops.

Apparently chickpea patties sans grapes are great fuel because I was full of energy by the time I left work and wanted to run really bad.  That's kind of rare.  I still haven't calibrated the foot pod I bought for my Garmin for accuracy so it kept saying I was going slower than I really was. According to Garmin I only ran 2.43 miles, but I don't think that's right.  I burned the same number of calories I normally burn when I run 3 miles so I'm  assuming I hit my goal and my foot pod is just a little confused.  I'll probably do the calibrating thing this weekend.  Half marathon training officially starts next week so accurate mileage will be a lot more important from now on.

I also got a pleasant surprise yesterday.  A while ago I applied to be a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador and yesterday I got an email telling me I got it!  I am also a Sweat Pink Ambassador, but for some reason I never wrote about it when I first found out. Oh well.  I'm telling you about it now!  The main reason I wanted to be part of these groups is to network with other women who are interested in fitness, nutrition, and health.  Both groups seem really diverse and include women from all walks of life.  Some people have always been into sports and fitness.  Some became interested when they decided to lose weight.  All are bloggers, many are runners, and everyone has something special to bring to the group.  I don't know what being an ambassador with these programs will mean for me or my blog, but I'm certainly excited to find out! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Legally Blogging Series

The Legally Blogging idea was dreamed up by three ladies who all met in blog-land and instantly clicked. You could say it was love at first sight. The immediate connection stemmed from the one thing they had in common: Law. Obviously, as time went on, they discovered they had much more in common than just law, but that was a great starting point.

Here they are!

They decided to join forces and start a blogging series, to show that lawyers aren't always what you'd expect. The main goal of the series is to connect with other legal ladies out there and meet some great new people. Every week, the hope is to showcase a new person in the series.

Series so far:

If you're interested in participating in the Legally Blogging Series, just send an email to Jackie: jjstoughton [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

We'd love to have you on board!

I was really excited when I found out that AllisonCatherine, and Jade host a series called Legally Blogging where they feature a new lawyer/law student blogger each week.  The goal of the series is to build connections between bloggers with a legal background and to prove some of the negative stereotypes about lawyers wrong.  So when they offered me a chance to participate in the series I jumped at it.  Networking and dispelling stereotypes sounds good to me!  My post for the series is below:

My name is Ashley and on most days you can find me blogging about my weight loss journey at Downsizing.  When I'm not doing that, I stay busy as a soon-to-be-3L at a law school in Tennessee.  
First Day of Summer Internship
I grew up in a small town in Kentucky, but I spent my college years in New Haven, Connecticut.  I graduated with a degree in Psychology and wasn't sure I loved it enough to commit myself to a life as a psychologist or researcher.  

My 20th birthday dinner in my residential college's dining hall.
Like many of my classmates, I decided to take a few years off before getting a second degree.  I worked at a couple of law firms near my home town during that time, did a little soul searching, and ultimately decided that I wanted another degree. I chose a J.D. over a PhD because law degrees seemed more versatile.  Decision made, I took the LSAT, got into one of my top two choices, and moved to Tennessee to start three years of very hard work.  Brief introductions done, shall we move on to the Q  & A?

1) Why did you start blogging?
During my first year of law school I led a really unhealthy lifestyle.  I spent most of my day sitting in class or at the library, didn't get any exercise, and did a lot of stress eating.  As a result, I managed to pack an additional 30 pounds onto my already overweight frame.  During my second year of law school, I decided to do something about it before it got any worse so I decided to make some changes in my life and lose 50 pounds.

Left: Me before I started making changes, Right: Almost 40 pounds gone forever
By February of my 2L year, I had lost around 25 pounds, but I needed some motivation to continue my journey.  I decided posting updates about my meals, workouts, and mistakes would be the push I needed to lose the last 25 pounds.  I started Downsizing, and I haven't looked back since!

2) What do you like to do when you're not blogging?
Since I'm trying to lose weight, I spend most of my free time being active.  I start training to run my first half marathon soon and I also enjoy hiking and exploring parks and greenways in my city.  I'm trying to teach myself to cook as well. I think I'm getting better at it!
Tofu French Toast, Sweet Chili Chicken Wraps, Tilapia Stew with mint and sauteed vegetables, and Beef and Broccoli with wild and brown rice.
I also enjoy reading and try to keep up with way too many television shows :)

3) What do you think is the biggest misconception about lawyers?
Probably that all lawyers are rich sharks who only care about making money and themselves.  I think the legal field has people like that, but there are also some really kind and selfless attorneys who work very hard for their clients for very little pay in public interest fields.  For some reason everyone forgets all about that type of lawyer!

4) What's your favorite vacation you've been on?
Most of my trips have been for study abroad purposes, but they've been really great travel experiences just the same.  In college I studied abroad in Cork, Ireland, but got a chance to travel all over Ireland and Northern Ireland during the semester.  I also took brief trips to Scotland, England, and France during spring break.  


The Giant's Causeway in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Me kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland.  

The Eiffel Tower in Paris.
That semester abroad was all it took to make a lifelong traveler of this small town girl.  Since then I have been to Italy twice, once for a ten day whirlwind trip through Tuscany, Umbria, and Rome with my residential college and again for a six week study abroad program last summer.  I also worked in London the summer before law school for two months.

Me with Ewan McGregor at a 4th of July event in London

Also got to meet Stanley Tucci.
Next on my to visit list: Greece, Spain, Egypt, and Germany.  And Prague because everyone I know who has visited there loved it!

5) What is your best and worst home renovation project?
I am an apartment dweller so I've never really done any home renovation projects but if I had enough space and money for the project, my dream project is to build a Beauty and the Beast style library with floor to ceiling bookshelves and those rolling ladders.  I would want lots of places to curl up and read, including at least one window seat and one overstuffed chair that is big enough for me and everyone I know to sit in with room to spare.  I would also want a skylight and tons of windows for natural light during the day.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Must. Calibrate. Foot. Pod. Soon.

I'm really going to have to calibrate my new Garmin foot pod for better accuracy.  I ran another 3 miles today and while the treadmill told me I was running at a 14:17 pace, my Garmin kept telling me I was running at a 16:55 pace.  If that total time is right, I probably ran further than 3 miles, especially if I burned 433 calories.  Whatever.  I'm okay with running further than I meant to.    

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Treadmill Miles

I've really been struggling with my running since I came to Florida.  At first the problem was the rain, and then when I finally got outside I couldn't handle the heat.  I kept telling myself to just run on the treadmill, but for some reason treadmill miles have always been harder for me than running outside.  Plus I didn't have the optional foot pod for my Garmin so that I would have a record of my treadmill miles the way I have a record of my outdoor ones.  But with half marathon training officially beginning soon I realized I was going to have to do at least half of my 12 week training plan in Florida--on the treadmill.  So I bought the foot pod this week and broke it in this morning with a 3 mile run.
I still hate running on the treadmill, but it was nice to be able to rely on my watch for the mileage instead of the treadmill.  The treadmills in my building are programmed to go into cool down mode after only 22 minutes.  Since I have to restart the treadmill when I hit the 22 minute mark, the mileage on the treadmill screen starts over at zero.  I hated having to calculate how far I had gone in my head as I ran and I really appreciated being able to just glance at my watch and know how close I was to being done.  I worked up a good sweat and was proud of myself for getting in a good run, especially since I didn't head to the gym until after I ate a huge breakfast and went to the grocery store.

I saw a picture on Instagram of a sweet breakfast tofu.  Tofu doesn't really have any taste on its own and it pretty much takes on the flavor of anything you marinate or dip it in.  So it occurred to me that if I  marinated the tofu in almond milk, egg whites, cinnamon, and splenda, it would basically taste like French Toast when I cooked it.  I tried it this morning and wound up topping the cooked Tofu French Toast with reconstituted PB2 and sugar free maple syrup.  Even my demanding diva of a sweet tooth was satisfied with this and I didn't feel even remotely bad about eating an entire block of tofu because, well, it's made  from soybeans.  Does it have the texture of bread?  No, of course not.  Does the flavor make you think you've had French Toast? Yup, and I felt full for way longer than I would have if I had made regular French Toast.  This might be my new go to weekend breakfast.  

Friday, June 14, 2013

Three Ingredient Salmon Patties

For the Salmon Patties:
1/4 Cup Whole Wheat Flour
1 Package of boneless skinless salmon (by the tuna. I used Chicken of the Sea brand)
Liquid Egg Whites (enough to make the mixture look wet)
Spices of choice (Optional, but I used salt, pepper, and a bit of cumin. Choose your own adventure here.)

Mix all ingredients together breaking up any large clumps of salmon.  The resulting mixture should look sort of wet.  Heat a skillet over medium heat and spray with cooking spray.  Dump half of the salmon mixture onto the skillet and shape it into a patty.  Do the same with the second half of the mixture.  I tried to make one big patty and it fell apart when I tried to flip it.  Learn from my mistakes. Do as I say, not as I do.  You will know the patties are ready to flip when you can easily scoot each patty around the pan with a spatula.  Flip the patties and gently press them down into the pan.  When the bottom is firm and you can easily slide the spatula underneath the patty, they are ready to serve.

If desired, you can make a spread for your salmon patties with half a container of Greek yogurt, about an ounce of fat free feta, dried dill, and dried parsley.  If you don't like dill and parsley, feel free to experiment with your own spices! I've also eaten these with honey mustard instead of the Greek yogurt spread and thought that was delicious too. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hectic Week

My life has been hectic this week.  Work has been hectic, I am still adjusting to living somewhere other than my apartment, and I am still getting used to Florida's weather. By "getting used to" I mean I am trying not to melt every time I step outside into 82+ degrees of humid misery.  I kept trying to do cute things with my hair last week, but every time I curled, straightened, coaxed, and primped my hair into some sort of order it was always an epic mess by the time I got to work.  This week I have accepted that there are going to be a lot of buns in Florida.  I think there are probably multiple ways one could take that last sentence, but honestly? I'm too tired to reword it.  Such is life. 

I have been a bad blogger and have failed at daily posts since I've been here, so let's play catch up. Last week it rained so much that I finally broke down and bought something I've been meaning to buy for over a year: a good pair of rain boots.

Now that I have these bad boys in my grubby little hands, the rain seems to have evaporated for the time being.  It's okay, foul Florida weather.  When you return, and I've been assured that you will return, I will be here and this time I'm ready for you.

Between the rain and heinous heat, I haven't done too much exploring outdoors, but I have been making somewhat sporadic visits to the fitness center in my building and walking to and from work. My step total wasn't bad today.
My lunch was kind of boring (whole wheat veggie pasta by Hodgson Mill topped with organic pasta sauce).  When I got home I decided to pan fry some tofu.  I cut it in strips and ended up with something I'm calling Tofu Dunkers.  

I left them in the pan long enough to get a little crispy on the outside. They were perfect and like many things in my life, were far better with barbecue sauce.  

I dawdled for a while after dinner but finally talked myself into going to pick up a few groceries. I've been obsessed with salmon patties lately and needed to buy some more salmon.

The topping is a spread made with Greek yogurt, fat free feta, dill, and parsley.  It was so good! 

It turns out I made the right call going to the grocery store tonight. Not because I had to get my groceries tonight, but because I got to see this:

It made me smile and it was the perfect end to an otherwise crazy day.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Coffee Date

  • I follow a few blogs on Tumblr and several of them have done these coffee date things where they list random facts about their day in bullet form.  I decided to copy.
  • By coffee date I mean "coffee" date because I was actually drinking tea.  
  • I had a decent day at work.  
  • I thought my lunch was going to suck when I packed it, but it turned out to be perfect. Ham, brown rice, grapes, and a larabar.  I may have a similar lunch tomorrow.

  • I finally caught up on Pretty Little Liars and I can't wait for the new season of cray cray to start this week.
  • Florida weather is obscene. It was sunny and hot most of the day and then it started pouring like mad ten minutes before I had to walk home from work. Awesome.
  • As I was taking said walk, some driver decided it would be a good idea to drive through a huge puddle and splash me with nasty water.  I'm sure it was toxic and if I ever have a kid it will now have three heads and gills. Gross.
  • I made myself go to the gym after work.  I was proud.
  • I am getting better at working with tofu.  I read that freezing then thawing and draining tofu before using changes the texture so I tried it.  I pan fried it for dinner and ate it with barbecue sauce.  It was great.  I will definitely be making more of that.
  • Great date, y'all.  We should do this more often!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Target Shopping Spree

This morning the scale was not my friend. I expected it, though.  I didn't track my calorie intake as closely as normal this week and I also didn't get in nearly as much activity as I do in a normal week. Traveling, settling into my home away from home, getting the lay of the land at work, it all took a toll on me this week and it showed up on the scale.  It is what it is.  

After I checked the damage on the scale I went for a run.  It was my first outdoor run in Orlando and it was hot but pretty.  I think it's more humid here than it is in Tennessee.  I did a lot of stopping for "picture breaks" but realistically I just wanted to stop because the heat made me want to die a little.  At least the park was pretty, though.

After my run I decided to try to find Target.  I ran out of Larabars yesterday and just in case I haven't mentioned it before, I'm obsessed with Larabars.  I decided to try making rice in my crockpot so I got the rice and water in the crockpot and headed out.  

Not only did Target have Larabars, but they had the Larabars on sale.  A box of 5 bars was $5 or $1 per bar.  Since I normally pay $1.29 per bar at Trader Joe's, I was over the moon and bought all they had of the Peanut Butter Cookie and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip flavors.  I pretty much looked like a Larabar hoarder at the checkout.  It's fine.

I also spent some time perusing the clothing section.  I haven't really bought new clothes since I lost weight, but at this point even my pre-weight gain clothes are starting to get a bit loose.  I can still make most of my dresses work with belts, but I wanted to see if I could find a few more things for work that actually fit.  Of course, I also found my way over to the casual dresses.  Fortunately I only bought two dresses and one skirt.  The skirt and one of the dresses is for work.  There is no excuse for the second dress.  I just have a thing for polka dots.  I was also really excited that both the dresses I bought were size mediums and the skirt was a size 10.  I didn't buy the top I'm wearing with the skirt.  I didn't really like it.  

I also made a decision to eat mostly meatless this week.  I'm not a vegetarian and probably never will be, but my room doesn't have a full kitchen and cooking meat is really messy.  I ate a bunch of pre-cooked meats last week but it was super expensive compared to the tofu and tempeh (which is frequently not true in Tennessee where "health food" is almost always pricier than everything else.) In addition to Larabars and clothes, I also bought these overpriced children's snacks because I am still five. 

I got really excited when I saw them on someone's blog the other day and had one as a pre-run snack this morning.  They have another kind with apples cheese and pretzels.  They're so easy to grab when you need something quick.  They might make frequent appearances in my lunchbox. After I paid for everything I headed home where I learned something really important:

It is possible to make very large batches of brown rice in a rice cooker.  I added a bit more liquid than necessary, but I will adjust next time.  I'm going to freeze all of this in individual servings so that I will have it ready when I need it this week.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I hate that I've been so MIA this week, but I am still exhausted from my drive on Sunday and didn't even try to check out the fitness center in my building until last night when I went downstairs for a quick elliptical session after work.  I didn't get a picture because there were too many people for me to be covert about it.  You get a picture of the outfit I wore on the first day of my internship instead.
It has been raining pretty much every evening and my mornings have been really busy so this evening I dragged myself downstairs and did a short run on the treadmill.  The cardio machines in the fitness center are set to shut off after twenty minutes and I was too annoyed to restart it when it shut off so I only ran about 1.5 miles.  It's fine.  Tomorrow I will run more.  I went to Old Navy to buy a cardigan for work tomorrow and wound up wandering into the workout gear.  Precious over at The Coily Bombshell snagged a cute workout tank there and since I was already there and it was on sale I snagged one too.  
I bought it a little smaller than I normally buy my workout tanks but I'm hoping as I lose weight it will be less and less snug.  I was drenched in sweat after I got off the treadmill.  It wasn't the three miles I needed to run, but it felt good and it whet my appetite for a longer run as soon as possible.