Monday, June 10, 2013

Coffee Date

  • I follow a few blogs on Tumblr and several of them have done these coffee date things where they list random facts about their day in bullet form.  I decided to copy.
  • By coffee date I mean "coffee" date because I was actually drinking tea.  
  • I had a decent day at work.  
  • I thought my lunch was going to suck when I packed it, but it turned out to be perfect. Ham, brown rice, grapes, and a larabar.  I may have a similar lunch tomorrow.

  • I finally caught up on Pretty Little Liars and I can't wait for the new season of cray cray to start this week.
  • Florida weather is obscene. It was sunny and hot most of the day and then it started pouring like mad ten minutes before I had to walk home from work. Awesome.
  • As I was taking said walk, some driver decided it would be a good idea to drive through a huge puddle and splash me with nasty water.  I'm sure it was toxic and if I ever have a kid it will now have three heads and gills. Gross.
  • I made myself go to the gym after work.  I was proud.
  • I am getting better at working with tofu.  I read that freezing then thawing and draining tofu before using changes the texture so I tried it.  I pan fried it for dinner and ate it with barbecue sauce.  It was great.  I will definitely be making more of that.
  • Great date, y'all.  We should do this more often!

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