Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I hate that I've been so MIA this week, but I am still exhausted from my drive on Sunday and didn't even try to check out the fitness center in my building until last night when I went downstairs for a quick elliptical session after work.  I didn't get a picture because there were too many people for me to be covert about it.  You get a picture of the outfit I wore on the first day of my internship instead.
It has been raining pretty much every evening and my mornings have been really busy so this evening I dragged myself downstairs and did a short run on the treadmill.  The cardio machines in the fitness center are set to shut off after twenty minutes and I was too annoyed to restart it when it shut off so I only ran about 1.5 miles.  It's fine.  Tomorrow I will run more.  I went to Old Navy to buy a cardigan for work tomorrow and wound up wandering into the workout gear.  Precious over at The Coily Bombshell snagged a cute workout tank there and since I was already there and it was on sale I snagged one too.  
I bought it a little smaller than I normally buy my workout tanks but I'm hoping as I lose weight it will be less and less snug.  I was drenched in sweat after I got off the treadmill.  It wasn't the three miles I needed to run, but it felt good and it whet my appetite for a longer run as soon as possible.  

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