Sunday, July 7, 2013

Back To Reality

Today was my last day in Maryland visiting family and I will now be needing a vacation from my vacation. Traveling is exhausting! It took every ounce of willpower I had to get out of bed today. Last night a big group of my relatives went out to eat at a seafood place at National Harbor called McCormick & Schmick's. 

I wish i could say I exercised admirable restraint, but I was a bad bad dieter and I am ashamed.  I caved when I saw Cashew Crusted Tilapia on the menu. 

I ate everything on that plate but 3 green beans. It was delicious and I discovered that I like cous cous.  I felt guilty for not ordering something grilled with nothing on it so I drafted my cousin as my tour guide and we walked around and checked out some  of the stores and the   Gaylord hotel after dinner. I found a tea shop called Capital Teas. I meant to just window shop but the store clerk had me smell the Roasted Almond tea and it smelled like cinnamon, nuts, and heaven and I had to take it home with me because anything that smells like that has to be good. I was right and when I tried it I decided I made a good decision. 

My flight wasn't until evening so I went for a walk with my cousin this morning. The path we took was largely in the sun and as my cousin would say, that sun was beaming. We strolled at a leisurely pace and talked. It was hot, but I don't get to Maryland very often so I don't really see this part of the family as much as I would like. It was nice to catch up. We were born about six months apart and we are both finishing degrees and trying to find big girl jobs that will pay the bills, or you know, at least pay.

There is a great view of the Harbor from the trail and even though I hated the feeling of the sun beating down on me, I was glad I got out and got in at least 5 miles.  I had a great time in Maryland. It's back to reality-and my internship-in the morning.

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