Monday, July 1, 2013

Coffee Date

  • Mondays are rest days, so I thought we'd have another coffee date.
  • It's a good thing I didn't plan to run today because methinks I have a stomach virus.  I'll spare you the gory deets.
  • I ran out of Larabars this morning and didn't have one to pack in my lunch.  I started to buy a Twix out of the vending machine because I always want something sweet after a meal, but then I started talking to one of the other interns at work about clean eating and my weight loss journey and I realized that I didn't want that Twix as much as I want to reach my health and weight loss goals. #Winning. 
  • I caught the first episode of this new show called Under the Dome last night.  It could either be eerily awesome like Lost or a total flop.  Not sure which way it will go yet, but it's based on a Stephen King book and I have mad love for shows based on King books. Ask me how obsessed I am with Haven.  If Nathan and Audrey don't happen soon, I. Will. Have. Fits. 
  • My hatred for Florida weather is real and everlasting.  Yesterday the weather was perfectly fine when I left for the grocery store, but it went to hell in a hand basket in the twenty minutes I was in the store.  I'm talking wind blowing the rain sideways crazy.  
  • Most of my skinny clothes are too big now.  This is a blessing and a curse.  Blessing for obvious reasons, but curse because I still plan to lose at least 10 more pounds and don't want to buy a bunch of new stuff that may or may not fit when I reach my ultimate goal weight.  I've basically been wearing the same five outfits to work for the last month and I'm over all five of them.  
  • It's a short work week for me.  I'm wearing my excited face now.

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