Monday, July 15, 2013

Coffee Date

  • Let's pretend for a second that you and I are walking in the rain (because it's always raining in Orlando anytime the sun isn't broiling you in your own juices that is.) We stumble across an adorable little coffee shop and we decide to rest our legs and stay awhile. 
  • If we were having a conversation in that imaginary coffee shop, I would tell you that I've really been missing Trader Joe's lately.
  • I would tell you that learning my way around a new city is an adventure, but I miss Tennessee more than I ever thought I would.
  • Maybe we would talk about how the news has been really depressing lately and it makes me sad.
  • To change the subject I would mention my summer television obsessions: Under the Dome, Big Brother, Pretty Little Liars, and Twisted to name a few.  You would probably laugh at my ridiculous taste in television and I would probably ignore you because you've just told me about some of your favorite shows and now I'm convinced you don't have any room to judge me.
  • I would mention that I officially started training for my half marathon and if I live to tell about it I might be crazy enough to set my sights on a marathon next. 
  • I would tell you that I want to start taking more fitness classes when I get back to school and maybe join a running group if I can find one that won't judge me for being slow as molasses and proud of it.
  • We'll eat something regrettable (that apple fritter kept calling my name) and we'll people watch until we think of something more to say.
  • By now, maybe the rain will have stopped and we will have finished our coffee. Introvert that I am, I'll probably tell you I need to get home.  We'll say our goodbyes and promise to do this again soon.  And maybe next week we will.  Until we meet again, goodnight.

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