Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Enthusiasm Free

So, today's run went better than yesterday's run.  By "better" I mean I actually made it the full 3 miles.  It was still a struggle, though.  I didn't want to run.  I wanted to park myself on the couch with the rest of that Arctic Zero from yesterday and zone out for a few hours while I watch something stupid on Netflix.  That's right, Shakma.  I'm talking to you.

Notwithstanding my intense lack of enthusiasm, I dragged myself down to the fitness center and watched Gordon Ramsay's Best Restaurant on the Netflix app on my phone while I ran.  I started out with the treadmill set at 4 mph (15 minute miles), but bumped it up more and more as I kept running because I wanted to get done faster.  There were times when I had it set as fast as 5.5 mph which is blazing fast for me.  I finished running just in time to watch tonight's episode of Big Brother and dig into that Arctic Zero I was craving before my run.  

I got the exercising part down, but I am a little worried about my eating.  Normally I try to limit my grain intake, but this week I have been eating couscous obsessively.  My aunt gave me a box of the stuff from Trader Joe's while I was at her house because I enjoyed the couscous dish at McCormick & Schmick's so much.  I'm new to couscous, but I know that like rice, there is more than one variety. I'm fairly certain the restaurant served Israeli couscous but the whole wheat couscous from Trader Joe's is Moroccan couscous because it's smaller.  I actually really like the Moroccan couscous for one simple reason: it takes 3 minutes to cook in the microwave.  I've taken a couscous salad to work for the last two days and enjoyed it both days.  I kind of want to switch it up for tomorrow, though. I might take turkey burgers.  No buns.  We shall see.     

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