Saturday, July 6, 2013

So This Is What Clothes That Fit Feel Like

I'm kind of liking this thing where I can blog from my phone even though it's kind of a pain to type on such a small screen. I won't have wifi access on my computer again until tomorrow so it's nice that I've still been able to update my blog.

Today was another epic walking day. I went back to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge again with my family and then we went to the mall. Yesterday I went shopping in my aunt's closet (read: I took a bunch of her hand me downs that were too small for her.) I still needed a few more filler pieces for work so we hit up a big sale at New York & Company.

I got two blazers, a cardigan, three tops, and a skirt. I was excited. I haven't bought many new clothes yet since I'm not done losing weight. My work wardrobe was pretty meager. I was wearing the same handful of outfits on a never-ending loop because only a few of my business clothes still fit. The clothes i originally planned to wear got super loose and by the time my internship started I looked like I had borrowed my fat friend's clothes to wear to work. It will be nice to feel and look a little more like myself for the rest of the internship.

We also stopped at Trader Joe's so I could get ingredients for a pizza.

I don't have a stove (or access to a Trader Joe's in Orlando) and it has been hard. I've been dying to bake something, anything, for weeks now and i settled on pizza. The one on the left is a standard pepperoni pizza and the one on the right is fresh basil and red onion. There's light mozzarella on both and I used a whole wheat pizza crust. I've already accepted that I will probably gain ten pounds this week, but I'm hoping I will take it back off fairly quickly since I will be starting the half marathon training plan in earnest next week. It's about to get real up in here y'all. Let's do this thing!

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