Sunday, July 28, 2013

This Weekend

I had a good exercise weekend.  I wound up taking Friday off so I decided to do my long run yesterday and a 3 mile "recovery" run today.  It was tough, but I got it done.  The Fitbit stats for yesterday's run are above and the stats for today's run are below.

I am about to start week 4 of half marathon training, and it's kind of getting real.  Next week's long run will be 7 miles and the week after that it will be 8.  Before I started training for this thing I was contentedly running 3 miles a few times a week to help me lose weight.  I saw other bloggers doing their long runs and thought in the back of my mind that for me, running more than 3 miles would be impossible.  Even after I signed up for this half marathon I wasn't really sure I could do it.  

With every long run I finish I feel stronger.  I feel more confident in myself and my body.  I feel less like I'm posing as a runner and more like I can actually be one, already am one.  Am I moving slower than some people can walk? Yes.  Will other people judge me for that? Probably, but that's their problem.  Other people only see where I am now, but I see where I came from and where I'm going. When I started running, I struggled to run for a minute without stopping.  Yesterday I ran for over an hour without keeling over.  I only stopped when I had to restart the treadmill or take a short bathroom break.  I am stronger now than I was then and I will continue to improve. I won't be able to run my first half marathon fast, but I hope that if I stick with my training I will be able to run it.

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