Sunday, September 1, 2013

Step Down Week

On the Jeff Galloway half marathon training plan, there is a step down week following almost every long run. Last week I did 9 miles for my long run, so this week I only had to run 4.  Admittedly, I'm not  very good at following training plans. I already abandoned the Hal Higdon program for Jeff Galloway mid-training because my knee was bothering me.  While I'm doing better with the lower mileage Jeff Galloway plan, I'm still not following it 100%.  The two mid-week 30 minute runs the plan calls for?  I tend to pick a number of miles between 3-5 and run until I hit that.  I have done fairly well running at least three times per week, but last week I threw in an extra run just because. I'm sure I'll regret not following a training plan more closely when it comes time for my half marathon in a month, but since I only want to finish the race within the 4 hour time limit, I'm not all that worried.  

In other news, I've been trying to get my eating under control.  After my run, I had tomato soup, slow cooked chicken, and grapes for dinner.  I don't really care that the temperatures are still in the 90s.  It is September 1. I officially declare that soup season has begun.  Oh, and sweater weather? You're more than welcome to join us anytime now.

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