Sunday, October 27, 2013


It's shark week and I have cramps. I am also bloated and generally miserable about it. I hate this time of month because I feel the way I felt thirty pounds ago--big and unhappy. I wanted to remind myself that even if I've gained some water weight this week, I shouldn't feel discouraged because I've come a very long way. I started looking through photos from the months before I started my weight loss journey and found the one above. I haven't looked at photos  from last year in a while and I was shocked at how different I looked then. 

Pictures like the one above are part of what prompted me to start eating better and working out. Even though I knew I didn't look my best back then, I think I made myself believe that I didn't look that bad because I couldn't handle the reality of what I had done to myself. I needed the distance of a year and six months to accept that I used to be in a very bad place, but if I keep working hard I never have to go back there.

I had planned to run 3 miles today and it almost didn't happen. I took some Tylenol after lunch and curled up in bed with the first season of Arrow on Netflix. Before dinner, I coaxed myself out from under the covers and put on some running clothes. I promised myself that I didn't have to run hard as long as I ran. I picked an out and back route and tried to enjoy the nice running weather and ignore my cramps. It worked for the most part and I had a much better run than yesterday's debacle.

I was happy with my splits and I felt like it was a good way to end week 4 of marathon training. I mean, I ran 23 miles this week and even if I didn't enjoy every single mile, I enjoyed being able to do them. 

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