Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Creepers

This morning, the plan was to get up and get in a six mile run before class. You know what I did instead? I caught up on this week's episodes of Nashville, Criminal Minds, and American Horror Story. I don't have cable and didn't get to watch them last night. It was necessary. I could view this as an epic fail, but instead I am looking at it as an opportunity to get in three quality runs this weekend with far better weather than we got today. 

On another note, let's talk about Halloween. I'm not a big fan of Halloween. There was a Halloween episode of this web series called Awkward Black Girl that opens with the line, "There's only one day a year when hoes and superheroes can run the streets without judgment." Two years later, and that line is still accurate. I guess I can understand the allure of pretending to be someone else for a day, but in general I think the crazies come out on Halloween. 

Case and point, I was walking home tonight and for the second time in two days a couple of guys did what I like to call The Licensed Creeper. The Licensed Creeper thinks he's hot because he has a car. It's probably not even a nice car because the guy in the nice car is a little classier than The Licensed Creeper. The Licensed Creeper likes to roll down the passenger window and yell at women as they walk by. He may also be the guy who leers silently behind the wheel or just honks at you if he is in a hurry or not in a position to stop and fully commit to the creep factor. The Licensed Creeper seems to think any one of these tactics will work for him. Apparently he is under the delusion that women like it when strange men call them things like "Baby" and "Chica" out of car windows and that name calling like that will get them something other than ignored. 

I encountered two different Licensed Creepers this week and I can only guess that Halloween brought the foolishness out of these individuals. In any case, I would like to send a message to all the Licensed Creepers out there. Leaning out of car windows to talk to women is demeaning at the best of times and downright threatening at the worst. My name is not Baby or any other inappropriate nickname you might choose to toss my way. If you had introduced yourself politely at a coffee shop and started a conversation I might have been interested. I guess you were not trying to make a genuine connection with me yelling out of your car window the way you did, though, because if you were, you would have expressed your interest at a time when I might actually be able to get to know you. The next time you feel the urge to blurt something rude at an unsuspecting female pedestrian from the comfort of your car, please reconsider. You will likely make her uncomfortable and yourself look like a jerk. And just in case you're thinking about being brave and actually getting out of your car when the whole yelling out the window thing doesn't work, let me warn you. I have pepper spray and I am not afraid to use it on Licensed Creepers like you. 

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