Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bathroom Hunt

When I woke up this morning, I made an executive decision to get my grocery shopping out of the way early and put off my run until the afternoon. I needed to get a few things from Walmart, and I learned a long time ago that Walmart is far more peaceful in the morning. Fortunately I was able to get everything I needed before it got too crowded. The most side-eye worthy thing I saw was a woman shopping in pajama bottoms. Considering some of the things people wear and do at Walmarts across the country, I figure that's a shopping win. 

I couldn't talk myself into running before lunch so I wound up going a few hours before dinner instead. I got approximately a mile from home when disaster struck and I needed to use the bathroom. Awesome. I was close to a park where there are always port-o-potties so I decided to just keep going until I got there. Except when I got to the park and opened the door to the port-o-potty it was indescribably disgusting. I couldn't bring myself to use it so I decided to leave the park and head for the closest open business that might let a desperate runner use the facilities. I wound up ducking into the closest fast food restaurant and marching straight to the lady's room. 

Normally I wouldn't use a business's restroom without buying something, but I rarely run with money because I don't usually need it. I thought I heard someone say ma'am as I cut across the seating area, as in "ma'am you can't use our bathroom without buying something." I had in earbuds so I might have imagined it, but in any case I pretended not to hear it and continued with my mission. When I left I made sure to slip out the door closest to the bathroom. Hopefully I will never need to use their bathroom again, but my mom said if anyone said something to me next time I should just tell them I'm with someone who just came through the drive through and go on about my business.

After my pit stop I was feeling much better and was able to finish my run with no further interruptions. It was a nice day so the park was busier than I would have liked, but I was able to avoid weaving around the other park goers too much by sticking to the edges of the pedestrian path. If nothing else, it was great people watching. There was a live band playing on the stage for whatever passers by wanted to listen. I also saw one of the tiniest, most adorable puppies I've ever seen playing with his people. He was so cute that several people stopped on the path just to watch him for a few minutes!

Other than my impromptu bathroom visit, I felt really good during this run. A few weeks ago I never would have been able to run three days in a row, let alone run 21 miles in three days. I can tell that my legs are getting stronger everyday. It makes me feel like my training is working. 

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