Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Middle Name Is Grace

My middle name is Grace. Okay, that is a complete lie, but after tonight's run, I'm thinking I really should change my middle name to something ironic. Grace would be an appropriate choice. Let's rewind before we get to that, though.

This run started out on a rough note so I guess I should have expected it to finish on a rough note as well. I had a really stressful day and even though I was tired, I really wanted to run tonight just to cope with all my negative feels. The first mile was harder than usual. My legs just felt heavy and uncooperative. I was supposed to run 7 miles and I could tell from the beginning that they were going to be some very difficult steps.

I planned part of my route to take me through a local park. It was really pretty, and I enjoyed the scenery and the people watching. I knew since I started my run sort of late  that it would get dark during my run. I thought about leaving the park when I lost the daylight, but there were enough people in the park, many of them women, to make me feel relatively safe as the sun went down.

I made sure to turn my music off so that I could be more aware of my surroundings. Plus, there were streetlights at fairly regular intervals and I was carrying my pepper spray. I'm not a huge fan of running at night, but I got through the miles I planned to run in the park without incident. I was out of the park and on my last mile when my foot caught on an uneven part of the sidewalk and I went down like a domino. Before you ask, yes it hurt.

That particular sidewalk has been treacherous with pine cones and other debris since the leaves started to fall, and I've almost hurt myself several times when I stepped on pine cones wrong or almost slipped on wet leaves. This was way worse than that. In the split second after I tripped and before I hit the ground I thought I was going to be able to regain my footing, but no dice. I managed to scrape my elbow pretty bad, I have a knot on my knee, I tore the palm of my new glove, I scraped up my Garmin, I landed hard on my cell phone (thank God for Otterbox), and I severely bruised my pride. 

I was up and moving again within seconds of the fall, mainly because I was embarrassed that I had become a mildly entertaining spectacle to all the traffic along the street. I guess I should be happy that it was dark and I wasn't seriously hurt, but really universe? I've had a string of bad days and weeks here lately, and I was wondering if I could get a little good luck for a change.

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