Sunday, November 3, 2013

Relatively Strong

I seriously considered skipping this 3 mile run since yesterday's 12-miler was so brutal. I was still a little sore when I woke up, but my legs felt pretty good after lunch so I decided to head out and see how it went. The plan was to take an easier route than yesterday and go at a comfortable pace. There's no such thing as a completely flat running route where I live, but I picked the flattest path I could think of and listened to an audiobook instead of one of my running playlists. I tend to run faster when I listen to music because I try to make my footfalls match the beat. Audiobooks are better for my slow runs because I focus on the performance and run at whatever pace feels comfortable. 

I'm currently listening to Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner. It's a thriller about the Danbes, a wealthy family of three that is kidnapped by a professional crew of paramilitary types. The story unfolds from two perspectives--Tessa Leone and Libby Danbe. Tessa is a former state trooper who was acquitted of her husband's murder and now works for a private firm that was hired to help police find the Danbes. Libby, wife and mother tells the story of her family's struggle to survive. All of the characters have their own secrets and inner demons and they made for pretty good running company today.

Unlike yesterday, I genuinely enjoyed today's miles. The air outside was crisp but not cold. Perfect running weather, and the perfect end to week 5 of marathon training. 

Overall, this week wasn't bad. I did my first 3 mile run of the week on the treadmill and managed to run my fastest mile ever. Next came a 6 mile run the day after Halloween. It was probably my easiest run this week. My long run was the stuff nightmares are made of, but I finished every single hilly mile. Today's recovery run rounded out the week. It was nice to finish week 5 feeling relatively strong!  

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