Monday, December 2, 2013

A Plague of Water

I was sitting in my apartment this afternoon trying to decide when I would reach a good stopping point in my Criminal Procedure review when I heard water running in my apartment. I hadn't left the water running in the bathroom so I got up to see what was happening. Imagine my horror when I walked towards my bathroom and saw this:

That, ladies and gentleman is exactly what it looks like. That is water and it is pouring out of a light fixture in my ceiling. I stared in horror for a minute because it was brown and nasty and it it was getting all over my floor and splattering up the walls. I hoped I was having a bad dream for a second, but no, it was just my life.

I finally pulled it together enough to go to the management office and tell them I had a maintenance emergency and I needed someone to come fix it immediately. I should have known nothing in my life could possibly be that easy. Mine was not the only apartment having this problem. There were at least twenty apartments in various states of crisis and not enough maintenance men to go around. They told me they would get to me in the order they received the maintenance requests. Great. Meanwhile, back in my apartment:

There was foul water all over my floor and splashing up my walls. At this point I tried to get to my bathroom only to discover that there was gross water dripping out of the bathroom ceiling too. I got an umbrella out of my purse and put on rain boots so that I could get to my toilet without any of that water getting on me. I really wish I was kidding, but I'm not.

I had planned to head out just before dinner to run a mile, but the sun set while I was waiting for maintenance to come and make my apartment habitable again. When they finally showed up, I learned that the fire department had decided to flush a fire hydrant and the epic mess in my apartment was all their doing. The management office assured me that it was rust, not sewage making the water that color, but I'm not entirely sure I cared at that point. Foul brown water is foul brown water, especially when it is pouring out of my ceiling onto the floor of my apartment and creeping ever closer to the carpet in my bedroom and living room. 

It was dark by the time maintenance drained the lighting fixture and mopped my floor. I was completely stressed and furious by then and I almost skipped the mile I had planned to run in order to keep my running streak going even though Mondays are normally rest days. I made myself go run just to calm down.

My Criminal Procedure exam is on Wednesday and instead of spending my afternoon going over my notes or making a flow chart, I was busy wondering if having water coming through a light fixture was dangerous and whether I should be concerned about all the germs in that water since the Humira I take for my Crohn's Disease suppresses my immune system. I felt a little less irritated when I finished my mile, but not much. Between this debacle and the incident in October with my refrigerator, I am none too happy with my apartment building right now...

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