Sunday, December 1, 2013

Runner's World Holiday Running Streak Day 4

I've gotten into the habit of doing a short, slow run on the day after my long run. I don't remember when I started doing that during this training cycle or why, but for some reason it has worked well for my body. Even when my long run goes horribly and my legs feel wrecked when I wake up the next day, getting in a few miles makes them feel better. That was definitely true of today's run.

My legs were bothering me when I got up this morning. I got new shoes not too long ago and the running store I go to didn't have my usual Brooks Adrenaline in stock. I needed new shoes immediately so I got a pair of Asics that are supposedly similar. The Asics have gel in them which I didn't really like, but I decided to give them a shot and see if I liked them once I broke them in. 

I've been wearing them since late October. As of today, I've put approximately 149 miles on them. I can honestly say at this point that me no likey. I had occasional problems with my knees when I was wearing the Brooks Adrenalines, but I've had frequent problems with my knees while wearing these Asics. I'm going to keep using them until I wear them out in another 150 miles or so, but I'll be going back to my trusty Adrenalines after that. 


I've been experiencing pup envy a lot lately. My law school recently had a cutest pet contest and I was a little jealous of my classmates' cute fur babies. Plus I run in local parks a lot and I see people out walking or running with their dogs and it always makes me want to get one too. 

Confession time: I occasionally troll local animal shelter adoption pages and pick out which dog I would adopt if I had my life together enough to do that kind of thing. I also frequently google things like "best dog breeds for running"and I have a mental checklist of criteria my ideal dog would have. So far, I want a rescue dog that is around 1 or 2 years old, already knows basic commands and is housebroken, is active enough to go for short to mid distance runs with me, but not so active that s/he will tear up my apartment on non-running days. I don't want a tiny dog or a huge dog, something in between, and a relatively calm demeanor would be a plus. I don't know why I bother since I'm in no position to adopt a dog, but somehow I keep finding myself coming back to this territory.


I will apologize in advance in case my posting gets a little infrequent over the next two weeks. It's exam period around these parts and until I'm done for the semester, I'm about that law student life. Y'all know what I mean.

I'll be spending most of my time with my boyfriend Emanuel, pictured above and we'll be binge drinking Trader Joe's Candy Cane Green Tea because coffee and my stomach are not friends.

I'm probably a little late in sharing this, but have y'all seen the Whole Foods Parking Lot music video yet? I've maybe watched this multiple times today.


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