Thursday, December 12, 2013

Today's Accomplishments

I'm not entirely sure where my day went. I mean, I did stuff, but the hours went by kind of fast. It started this morning when I decided to get in 8 miles before lunch. It was 16 degrees out. Sometimes I have terrible ideas. I was wearing cold weather running tights and a matching hoodie with another long sleeve shirt on top. My body was warm enough, but my fingers were freezing even though I was wearing two pairs of gloves.

I started listening to a new audiobook yesterday during my walk, but didn't get very far in the book or the walk before my phone died. 

The book is called Blood Work by Michael Connelly. I'm still at the beginning of the recording, but I think I'm going to like. The general gist is that Terrell McCaleb is a retired FBI agent who recently received a heart transplant. One day, a woman shows up on the house boat where he lives and asks for his help. The woman has never met McCaleb, but they are already connected because McCaleb received her sister's heart. Her sister's death was not some tragic accident--it was a murder and there will be no retribution if McCaleb doesn't use his skills as an investigator to bring the killer to justice.

I decided to go audiobook over music today because I always move slower when I'm listening to a book. Since my knees were bothering me last week I want to take all of my runs this week super slow and easy. I need to get the miles in, but I also want to avoid injury. Slow and steady it is.

After I got home and regained feeling in my extremities, I decided to mark grocery shopping off my to-do list. There's a reason you shouldn't go shopping when you're hungry. As I was wandering through Trader Joe's I kept thinking of things that I "needed." I "needed" some chocolate almond butter to go in my oatmeal and I "needed" some  reduced fat cheese puffs just in case. I "needed" to try the free sample of fingerling potatoes with hollandaise even though I don't like potato skins. I also decided to try a jug of unsweetened kettle brewed black tea and these things called fruit wraps.

I originally wandered over to that aisle because I thought I "needed" gummy bears of some sort. I didn't see gummy bears, but I saw these guys and thought I would give them a shot. I've been using fruit purees as fuel during my long runs, but they are kind of bulky and I don't think I'll want to carry them during the marathon. I tried one of the fruit wraps today and it was delicious. It reminded me of Fruit Rollups and assuming that they agree with my stomach, I think these might be my marathon fuel of choice. They are lightweight, should fit into a belt easily, and they taste good. Win, win, win.

I spent the rest of my day Huluing. Shut up spell check. It is too a word. I watched the most recent episode of Once Upon a Time and decided to see what the deal is with The Sing Off. A Capella was a really big deal at my college, and I probably went to dozens of performances during my four years in New Haven. It's not half bad. There are some shows that I watch and pay close attention to (Scandal, The Blacklist, etc.) and there are some shows that I like to have playing in the background while I do other stuff. The Sing Off is definitely a background noise kind of show. 


Is anyone else really excited about all the movies coming out lately? I really loved the Hunger Games books and I finally got to go see Catching Fire after my last exam on Monday. So, so good. From what I remember they stayed pretty true to the books, and they really did it justice. In other movies based on books news, The Hobbit is coming out tomorrow and Divergent is coming out in the next few months. Some movies I am okay with waiting for the DVD, but some movies are so big that they have to be seen in theatre. Movies based on books? Those usually have to be seen in the theatre. I'm thinking The Hobbit will be happening soon.

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