Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Plague Carrier

My university cancelled classes Monday, so technically yesterday was the first day of class for the semester. Since I normally walk to school, it was also the first day I truly put my ankle to the test since I sprained it. The doctor didn't really want me to wear an ankle brace because she wanted the muscles in my foot to stay strong and support the injured tendon, but I noticed a few days ago that my foot looked more swollen than it did the day after I hurt it. I decided to dust off an old pair of crutches from my grandmother's house and try to walk to class with their assistance. Don't look at me like that, internet. Parking passes at my school are expensive and normally the walk doesn't take me that long. How hard could walking to class on crutches be? Let's just say it was a very long walk.  By the time I got home my foot was definitely more swollen than it was, and while it didn't hurt exactly, it felt stiff and uncomfortable and wrong. The first doctor I saw never actually x-rayed it so I decided to do the cautious thing and take an unplanned trip to the ER.

I've read that the best time to go to the emergency room is in the morning and I think that is sound advice. I was expecting to be at the hospital for 5 hours minimum so being there for 3 seemed incredibly efficient. Since I could sort of walk, they took me back to a room with a row of recliners. For about the first two hours, I was the only person in the room and it was fine. They took me to the x-ray room in a wheel chair then took shots of my foot in various poses. The x-ray tech kept trying to make me bend my ankle backwards which was extra crazy of her because if I could bend my ankle normally I wouldn't be getting it x-rayed. After that they took me back to my recliner to wait for the results. I was hanging out and waiting for the doctor to come back when they put a woman in the recliner beside mine. Now, there was a sign in the room that said they had taken special measures to ensure that your neighbors wouldn't overhear what was going on at your recliner, but it definitely wasn't working because I could hear every word she was telling the doctor and none of it was good.

Let's recap, shall we? She had been really nauseous lately and at first she thought she was pregnant, but the test was negative, so it must be something else! She also had a sore throat that might be strep, and oh yeah. She had a fever. Basically, I was sitting beside Patient Zero and I have seen this movie so I know what's up. The viewer doesn't know it yet, but Patient Zero was bitten by a tropical animal and now has a nasty infection that looks fairly straightforward at first, but is going to wipe out most of the human population before the credits roll. My character is one of the unlucky ones who comes into contact with Patient Zero before the quarantine portion of events starts. My character spreads the infection to a whole bunch of other characters, eventually a hero doctor figures out how to cure the disease, maybe I live through the movie if my character is important enough, but I'll be so sick that I might start wishing I was dead before the final scene. My character does not fare well in that script. That's why I had no problem quietly asking the nurse to bring me one of these:

The nurses and doctors were wearing them every time they went near her chair and they were only over there for a few minutes. I had to be a few feet from her in a tiny room for over half an hour! I was happy when the doctor finally came back. Apparently nothing is broken, but my ankle is sprained. This time the doctor told me I could wrap it for comfort and that I should stay off of it for a while. 


In other news, I found a few new to me Trader Joe's products I like. The first one is their Indian Fare Madras Lentil.

The first time I tried this, I just heated it up according to the instructions on the box and served it over brown rice. The flavor wasn't bad by any means, but it also wasn't very exciting. I decided to try one more time and I'm really glad I did. I added some turkey sausage crumbles and a little bit of hot sauce before serving it over brown rice and it was a definite winner. Adding a little meat and heat made it taste sort of like chili. I'll be buying more.

The second winner was the cookie butter with a cocoa swirl. I am in love with the original Trader Joe's Cookie Butter. The original product basically tastes like gingerbread except creamy and magnificent and perfect. The Cookie Butter and Cocoa Swirl still has some of that gingerbready deliciousness, but it also has chocolate. Chocolate is good. I've been putting it in my oatmeal in the mornings. Breakfast has become a thing of beauty.

Do you shop at Trader Joe's? What are some of your TJ's favorites?

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