Monday, February 10, 2014

Tadaa Photo Editing App

If you're in the cult of the iPhone, you know they take pretty decent pictures considering the primary purpose of the device is to be a phone. I really enjoy taking pictures while I'm out running and hiking, and these days I find that I download a lot of photo editing apps. One of my most recent downloads is a free app called Tadaa.

I've only been playing with the app for a few days, but Tadaa seems somewhat similar to Instagram. It offers borders, filters, and tilt-shift like Instagram, but also allows you to crop images to different sizes and adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation within the app. 

I have been using the app without logging in, but I think if you sign in with facebook or create a user name and password, the app saves all your photos to your account and publishes them sort of like instagram so that other people can find and like your pictures. 

You can also post the pictures to Instagram, save them to your phone, tweet them, etc. I've tinkered with the app enough over the last few days to know that I really like some of the filters, frames, and effects. I edited all the photos in this post in the app and I'm really happy with how they turned out.

The developers who designed the free Tadaa app also have two other apps that I have found. One is called Tadaa SLR. You have to pay for it, but I think it's only $1.99. There is also another free app called Tadaa 3D. I haven't played with either of the other Tadaa apps, but if I ever get bored with this one, I will move on to one of those. 

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