Friday, April 4, 2014

The Sadistic Doctor

If Grey's Anatomy has taught me anything, it's that certain personality types are drawn to certain medical specialties. Pediatrics is for people who are patient and kind enough to work with small children. Surgery is for highly competitive people who are okay with long hours and high stress. Sports medicine, I've decided, is for the sadists.

Last week, I tried to ease back into running with week 1 of Couch to 5k. It did not go well at all. I started to feel a tiny twinge of pain in my ankle after the first two workouts and after the third workout it was really hurting. I thought it might get better after a couple of days of rest, but I thought wrong. After a full week of my ankle hurting, I made an appointment with the Sports Medicine doctor.

I have only been to the Sports Medicine doctor twice, but I always seem to leave in more pain than I came in with. I told him my ankle had been bothering me all week and he responded by twisting it from side to side, pulling and pushing it backwards and forwards, and pressing his thumb into the sore spot and asking if it hurt. Then he started in with the bad news. I still haven't recovered full range of motion in my ankle. When I point both toes down as far as they will go, the injured ankle doesn't go as far down as the other one and that is the source of the pain. In order to push off effectively when I run, I need to get my range of motion back. And he had some cruel ideas about how I should accomplish that.

He called it a stretch, but it was more like torture. I'm supposed to sit down and put the top of my foot on the floor like in the picture and push down on my heel. It'll hurt if you're doing it right he told me. Because that wasn't abundantly clear already. He also took the opportunity to bench me from running and walking and the elliptical. He said I need to stick with swimming and biking for now. As my ankle improves, I can add in the elliptical and walking. When I have full range of motion back, I can try running again. And he told me again that when I start back running, I have to wear the brace he gave me last time.

I explained that the brace doesn't fit in my running shoes and he suggested that I buy my shoes a half size bigger. Does that sound like a hot mess waiting to happen to anybody else? I only need a bigger shoe for one foot so now my options are A) wear an oversized shoe on my good foot too or B) pay for two pairs of running shoes every time I need new ones because I need an 8.5 for my healthy foot and a 9 for the injured one. I wonder if Brooks would help a blogger out and sell me some Adrenalines in mismatched sizes...

I couldn't go for a walk after work, so I went for a bike ride instead. Did I tell you I decided that even though it's technically a men's bike, I have decided my bike is actually a girl and her name is Genevieve? I rode Genevieve to a local park and did a couple of loops around the park before riding home. Turns out, Friday evenings are the perfect time to bike in the park because most of humanity is out getting weird at the bars instead of crowding the pavement. 

The park is not as pretty as usual at the moment because they are doing some kind of water improvement project that involved draining the pond temporarily. At first, this seemed like a great idea because the water was in no way clean, but that was before I saw how lost and confused the ducks look trying to swim in the puddles that are left. I know that when they finally fill the lake back up the ducks will have a cleaner and healthier home, but they don't know that and it makes me sad. Hopefully they will replace the water soon.

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