Friday, April 11, 2014

Two Objectives

My morning started out with a long bike ride.  I had two objectives when I headed out the door: 1) test my new saddle and 2) ride until I had burned at least 500 calories. I accomplished both. I didn't take a picture of my Garmin because I realized about 1.5 miles into my ride that I didn't have the GPS turned on. As a result, I was tracking calories burned, but not distance or pace. After I turned it on, the distance and pace for the rest of the ride was wrong because the Garmin included the time when the GPS was turned off in the overall pace calculation. This probably isn't making sense, so I'll just show you my splits.

It did not take me 23 minutes and 39 seconds to ride that first mile. In fact, I probably rode at least 3 miles during that time, but since my GPS was turned off, my Garmin got confused. I guess I can forgive and forget. This time. I also stopped a couple of times to adjust the height of my bike seat. I've read a few bike forums about proper saddle height and apparently your seat is at the right height if only your tip toes can touch the ground when you're sitting on the saddle. That's approximately where they set my seat at the bike store, but I promptly lowered it as far as it would go because not being able to put my feet down was terrifying. I decided to try raising the bike seat to the correct height a little at a time and see if I could get over my fear of not being able to put my feet down. If I can get used to it, having the bike seat at the correct height will mean more power when I pedal and less strain on my knees. I'll keep you posted on how that little project goes.


This evening one of my professors invited the students from her class for drinks and appetizers. It's a small class and I like most of the people well, enough, but I thought about not going because real life Ashley is way too awkward for large groups. 

I went and had a good time, but made some regrettable food choices.  There was a group of about 12 students plus the professor. I don't drink very often, but I did order a glass of white wine to avoid being the only sober person at the table. The professor ordered a variety of appetizers for everyone to share. 

We had to wait a long time for the food to come and when it did, everyone descended on it like a pack of ravenous hyenas, me included. I was too busy eating the food to take pictures of it, but my favorites were the grilled cheese squares, the buffalo cauliflower, the sweet potato fries, and the egg rolls. I also had a small soft shell chicken taco, a few bites of chips and guacamole, one bite of a fried chicken skin (which was disgusting and tastes like a pork rind looks), and a few homemade potato chips. There were also some delicious looking fish tacos, some fried and some blackened, but I passed because I was stuffed by the time they arrived.  Everything was cut into bite size pieces to make sharing easier, but that just meant it was hard to keep track of how much I was eating.  I left after about two hours feeling full and a little guilty, but determined to get back on track tomorrow. All in all it was a good Friday. I hope all of you had a good one too!

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