Saturday, June 21, 2014

Coffee Date: All These Changes

I've gotten a few new readers since my last coffee date post, so let me explain what's going on. Sometimes when I haven't got any solid fitness or weight loss related news to share, I write a coffee date post where I tell you a little more about non-fitness or weight loss life. Today's coffee date is particularly appropriate because I am writing it at a Starbucks near campus. The company that manages my apartment complex decided to replace all the windows in the building and my apartment is scheduled to be done today. The window people have been loud and disruptive enough when they were working in other apartments so I can't imagine how loud and disruptive they would be from inside mine. I needed to catch up on bar prep stuff so I headed out just before the workers were supposed to arrive and parked myself and my textbooks in a corner of the coffee shop. I needed a little study break, so here I am coffee dating.

I mentioned in my Apera Bags review that I had surgery recently. I had to have a polyp removed from my stoma. If you have no idea what that means, don't worry. I will try to explain. I wear an ostomy bag because I have Crohn's Disease and the year before I started law school I got so sick I almost died. A gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic recommended that I go on "bowel rest," at least temporarily. Bowel rest is doctor speak for getting an ostomy. A colorectal surgeon performed the procedure laproscopically and when I woke up in the hospital, I had something called a stoma. A stoma is the little piece of intestine the surgeon sewed to my abdomen so poop can go in a bag that sticks to my stomach. I've seen stomas referred to as front butts and that seems pretty accurate. Anyway, if you have questions, leave them in the comments. I don't mind answering :)

Even though having the polyp removed was a minor procedure compared to the other surgeries I have had, it still takes time to heal. The last few times I've changed my bag, I've noticed that the surgical site is still bleeding a little. I don't want to go back to strenuous exercise until that stops being a thing, so for now I'm limiting myself to walking.

Even though I'm not really working out right now, I'm in no way bored. I'm still studying for the bar exam, which happens at the end of July. I'm also moving to a new apartment after I take the bar so I've been collecting boxes like a hoarder and packing up non-essentials as time allows. There is only one day between when I finish the bar and when I have to be out of my current apartment, so I want to pack as much as possible before the exam so I can relax a little on the day after I finish the test.

I guess you could say I am living a life in transition at the moment. I graduated from law school and I'm preparing for a professional exam that will determine whether the last three years of my life were worthwhile or not. I'm leaving the apartment I've lived in for the past three years and moving to a new space that I hope I will like just as much. I'm looking forward to starting my career after I take the bar and I'm hoping that the new medication I started to treat my Crohn's disease will mean better health as I go through all these changes. That's what's happening in my life. What's going on with you?

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