Monday, October 6, 2014

Brick Walls

It's no secret that my life hasn't been going according to plan lately. I've been Crohns-ing for a few months because my new medicine hasn't been keeping some of my symptoms at bay. Instead of starting my fellowship last month, I had to scramble to find another job because the organization I was supposed to work for decided to close. On top of that, I left the bar exam in July and was absolutely certain I failed.

I'm still not feeling my best, my job isn't a permanent one, and bar results aren't out yet. Nothing about my world feels steady. I am a boat overturned and I spend most of my days trying desperately to turn myself aright. I've never been some Little Suzy Sunshine, and hope usually leads to disappointment in my world, but today, I taped the quote above to my desk so that if things keep going wrong, I'll remember not to give up. 

This is not the first set of brick walls I have faced and it probably won't be the last. I'm too stubborn to give up. And I've come too far not to finish what I started. I don't know which brick walls I will have to tear down next, but I guess I'm ready to do some dismantling. At this point, overcoming the obstacles in my path seems like the only choice.

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